About Us

  • We are a team of educators, entrepreneurs, and engineers passionate about improving education.

    We believe in super simple tech tools to enhance classroom engagement, assessment and personalization. So we worked on it and the results is Nithra Edu apps.

    With Nithra Edu apps the learning is happen not only in the class room but also anywhere and anytime.

    With Nithra Edu apps where the true blended learning is taking place ie. the web based learning and class room learning complement to each other.

    It will complement core education offered at colleges provide interactive environment to students, which will help them to excel in their carrier.

    The advantage of Nithra Edu is that the learning is internal (inside classroom) as well as external(outside college)

    Along with all the information needed to students as well as professors, there is a large amount of engagement and self-expression elements, where the students are free to share ideas, participate in quiz, exchange notes, request expert advice and engage in group interactions, taking notes, setting reminders, get the home work from their staff and much more.