Nithra Edu Solutions

Meeting the requirements of all the stakeholders of learning eco system our package consists of three apps Viz.
n - student
n - professor
n - admin

Each apps gives freehand to learn and admin for concerned persons to materialize their thoughts.

Through any of the three platform all the stake holders will access information viz. tab, mobile or PC

  • For a student :

    • Student can understand his strengths and focus on his weaknesses
    • He knows where he spends his time to improve his performance
    • He can identify and highlight his strengths and accomplishments
  • For a Professor :

    • Professor can monitor student and class activity effectively
    • He knows when and where to intervene for better outcomes
    • He can manage his time
    • He can curate personalized content for his students
  • For an administrator :

    • Administrator can identify teaching and learning patterns within his institution
    • He has access to refined user data to help his institution with accreditation
    • He has better insight into the efficacy of the curriculum
    • He can raise the bar for performance at his institution through actionable                             intelligence

     Nithra Edu apps takes a learner beyond the narrow confines of their Institution. Freeing the learner from the limitations of their present Knowledge Group,

it puts them in a virtual learning group of educators, professionals and peers of their own choosing.

     Nithra edu expands the availability of knowledge and learning material and allows for the student / learner to be an active contributor. In the process,
it empowers the learner and enlists them as an important member of the learning eco-system.

     Institution as a whole it shows visible improvements in student performance and confidence result in proud parents, who spread the word in turns college observe increase in admission and brand value.