Nithra is Hiring!

      If you're looking to make an awesome impact on the education space your place could be with us. We are looking for smart, fun & hard-working people to join our amazing team. We love people with an internal drive who act as engines that push everyone forward. Nobody here wants to be the manager; we believe that when you combine smart, honest and hard-working people amazing things happen on their own.

      We are seeking people for the following positions and are flexible in terms of ways of employment and compensation. We've never lost a person we love!

Software Engineer (Front-End)

The usual stuff, be awesome! You'll work to create a user-interface that is both intuitive and reliable for android mobiles and Tablets. You should think jQuery is the best thing to happen to javascript and every pixel is important.

Software Engineer (Server-End)

Our stack is PHP with MySQL. You'll be building creative solutions to new challenges while ensuring that our servers can scale to match our growing demand. You should fret over milliseconds of response time and obsess over each percent of efficiency.